Roger B, bass guitar

My passion for music developed at an early age through school brass bands and an affiliation with the power of the lower register. Switching to bass guitar during my mid-teens, I spent many an evening jamming with friends culminating with some decent original bands.

I spent a few years gigging, recording and did a few radio sessions before switching to jazz. Finally, business pressure took its toll and music was forced to take a back seat in my life. After a ten year hiatus I started to play again, doing covers with a bunch of friends.

I joined the Jo James band in late 2010; I’d seen the band perform on numerous occasions and was proud to eventually be part of it. Unfortunately, after a couple of great years, yet more business commitments dragged me to Scotland and forced my resignation. However, shortly after moving back to the North East in 2014, I was given the opportunity to re-join and I said yes immediately!  I'm very proud to be playing with Jo once again.